“Bulletproof is a jam packed first effort from DEAR MOTHER. If you’re looking for upbeat,
bittersweet, downright dirty or electro-infused metalcore, this record has something for

DEAR MOTHER is the brainchild of Dutch world touring guitarist Merel Bechtold (MaYaN,
Delain, The Gentle Storm) and David Pear. After leaving Delain, Merel set out to create a new
project in which she could fully explore her creativity. “Just playing guitar wasn’t enough for me
anymore”, said Merel. “I realised I felt a strong need to write my own music and build my own
family. For me that’s what music is all about. It’s about giving yourself fully and letting all your
walls down which resulted in this band.”

Merel found the perfect partner in crime in David Pear (ex-Deadly Circus Fire). Merel: “It was
incredibly difficult to find a vocalist who just had it all. Cleans, distorted vocals, screams,
charisma, creativity, a hard work ethic and a great heart. He has it all. Writing music has never
felt this natural. Whatever I throw at him, he comes back with great ideas. Finding David felt like
winning the lottery. This is a bond for a lifetime.”

After completing a successful crowdfunding campaign, backed by a very loyal fanbase called
the ‘DEAR MOTHER FAMILY’, Merel and David recorded twelve songs for their first studio
album ‘Bulletproof’ with drummer Joey Marin (ex-Delain) and bassist Werner Erkelens
(Aviations). The album was co-produced by Jimmy Alexander (Awaken I Am, Rain City Drive),
mixed by Mantis Audio and mastered by Niels Nielsen (In Flames, Starset).

DEAR MOTHER’s first singles ‘12 Years In Exile’, ‘Symbiose’ and ‘Satellite’ were picked up by
Spotify. The songs were featured on the biggest editorial metal playlists, such as ‘Kickass Metal’,

‘New Metal Tracks’ and ‘New Core’, which resulted in a million streams in a short amount of
time. “I couldn’t believe it when I received a message from a friend saying we were on spot 5 in
the ‘Kickass Metal’ playlist alongside bands like Architects, Rob Zombie and Lamb of God. I felt
really grateful that this curator picked our second song despite not being signed to a label. This
felt quite empowering and it confirmed that we have something good going.” Bulletproof was
released independently in July 2022.

Because of the covid pandemic, the band held off the release shows due to isolation. The
Bulletproof release show was played in a jam packed venue in the Netherlands. The live-line up
for this show included guitarist Ferry Duijsens (Anneke van Giersbergen, The Gentle Storm,
Dreadlock Pussy), drummer Ruben Israel (ex-Delain) and bassist Kane van Diepen (Torn from
Oblivion). This release show also meant the first official gathering of the ‘DEAR MOTHER
Family’, which resulted in a highly international crowd with fans from Finland, Zwitserland,
Germany, Israel, UK, Paraguay, Sweden, France and Belgium.

The musical chemistry between David and Merel is very strong. So the two are busy writing new
material that will be released in 2023.

“The musicians were smiling from start to finish and David was generous with his interactions
with the audience. There was an obvious closeness between the band and the fans, and
everyone seemed very happy to share this moment.“ – METAL-OVERLOAD.COM