“Bulletproof is a jam packed first effort from DEAR MOTHER. If you’re looking for upbeat,
bittersweet, downright dirty or electro-infused metalcore, this record has something for

DEAR MOTHER is the brainchild of Dutch world touring guitarist Merel Bechtold and vocalist David Pear (ex-Savage Messiah, ex-Deadly Circus Fire). We started this band with one rule: to make and play music we love without setting boundaries to our creativity or freedom.

‘We had our demons in our individual and musical lives but we always knew what we wanted to achieve so when our paths eventually crossed the chemistry completely took over and there was not a grain of doubt that this is a bond of a lifetime.’

Their first singles ‘12 Years In Exile’, ‘Symbiose’, ‘Satellite’ and ‘Invincible’ were picked up by editorial Spotify playlists reaching millions of streams. Their first studio album ‘Bulletproof’ was successfully crowdfunded and independently released in 2021.

The band is currently writing new music, that will be released in 2023.