About Dear Mother

Dear Mother is an alternative metal band founded by Merel Bechtold, David Pear & Joey Marin de Boer based in the Netherlands.

‘We started this band to make & play the music we love.’ All three founding members inclined towards melodic metalcore, nu-metal, modern rock in the likes of Linkin ParkBring Me The Horizon or Slipknot.

‘We all had our demons in our individual and musical lives but every single one of us always knew what we wanted to achieve so when our paths eventually crossed the chemistry completely took over and there was not a grain of doubt that this is a bond of a lifetime’ David remembers.

The band jumped furiously on writing and producing their debut album in 2019, and in early 2020 after a successful crowdfunding campaign they captured their year long musical journey in the album that they always wanted to write (eternally grateful: ‘Wall of Heroes’).

‘It is one of the best feelings to listen to your music that you wrote without compromises or hurdles in your way. This is truly us…Dear Mother’ Merel adds.

‘We look forward to writing more music and once the world situation allows it, we are stoked to go on tour and reach out for all of the wonderful people and places in person through our music’ says Joey.

Dear Mother is releasing their debut album in 2021.