Join The Road To Bulletproof

BULLETPROOF is more than just our first album.
Get in the back seat, relax and let us take you on a 7-day road trip and discover how strangers became family through music.

Your free ticket includes these special destinations:
day 1: Meadow of Rock
day 2: The House of the Mantis
day 3: DEAR MOTHER headquarters
day 4: Tabasco Palace
day 5: The Old Castle
day 6: The Market-place
day 7: The Pub

Join the 7-day road trip and enjoy the best behind the scenes experience.
On the road to Bulletproof you will get: 

– Download ‘Wildfire’ a track that just didn’t make the album…
– Meeting Joey, David and Merel
– All our personal stories and how this album became BULLETPROOF 
– Meeting the rest of the team: Frank and Mantis Audio 
– Silly and embarrassing moments
– A hidden secret

So ‘get in’ and join the Road to Bulletproof!