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12 Years In Exile – Guitar Tutorial


The lesson includes:
– Guitar demonstration 12 Years In Exile
– Instruction video (29 minutes)
– Tabs (.pdf, .gp and .gpx)
– Backing track for guitar normal speed and slowed down 70%


Guitar Tutorial of 12 Years In Exile by Merel Bechtold

  • 7 string guitar tuned in drop G
  • level: intermediate
  • rhythm guitar

In this video lesson Merel is giving a full guitar demonstration of the song. She’s going to explain how to approach the song with a few tips how to memorise the parts. Then you’re going through the different sections and breaking down the riffs. Merel also shares a few tricks to maximise the tone and how to practice the sections to nail the riffs. In short a musical approach full of tips and tricks to help you nail the riffs.

This lesson includes a 30 minute instruction video, backing tracks for guitar normal speed and slowed down, guitar tabs in Guitar Pro 7 (.gp), Guitar Pro 6 (.gpx) and PDF (.pdf) file formats.

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