Road To Bulletproof #01 | DEAR MOTHER

The Meadow Of Rock

Wake up sleepy-head! We’re finally here! The Meadow of Rock, a.k.a. MASTERS OF ROCK! 

Why is this the first stop? Because this is the place where we first met! 

Joey & Merel were both playing on the Czech Festival Masters of Rock, with different bands, ON THE SAME DAY.
David, who lives in London UK, also happened to be in Czech as well!
So we decided to meet up although… 

…Joey & Merel were both extremely tired, zombies is a better way to describe it.. 

David & Merel can describe it a bit better, enjoy! 

The next location, ‘the House of the Mantis’, is a 600 miles long drive…

Remember when we told you to bring your headphones?
Well now you is the time to wonder off and listen to some bangers. Enjoy this Modern Rock/Metal Spotify playlist for on the road!