Road to Bulletproof #02 | DEAR MOTHER

The House of the Mantis

So here we are… The House of the Mantis! Today you’ll be visiting Bas and Imre; the mixing-engineers of BULLETPROOF. 

We recorded drums at Mantis Audio and they’ve mixed the entire album, so we wanted to ask them some important questions, fun questions and telling you some stuff you need to know; How did we meet? What was their first impression of Dear Mother? Bas & Imre being angry at Joey because of the Symbiose breakdown?!

We’re talking through the drum recordings and we’re getting into the process of mixing an album like BULLETPROOF.

Here are some pictures we took during the final mixing days at Mantis Audio. We were able to meet up in October 2020 just before our countries went back into lockdown. In this week we also recorded the music videos of 12 Years In Exile and Invincible (green screen performance), busy times!