Road To Bulletproof #03 | DEAR MOTHER

Head Quarters

We’re finally here! DEAR MOTHER headquarters!
Did you take off your shoes? Good! Here’s your coffee, and welcome. 

This is the place where we first were together as a 3-piece, this is where DEAR MOTHER started, and where most of the music was (is) written! 

Joey & Merel take a trip down memory lane; discussing why we’ve started Dear Mother, the writing process, silly moments, the first moments writing with David, and how much it sucks that he lives in London! 

A few house rules: 

1. take your shoes off
2. feel at home
3. “open fridge” eat and drink whatever you want
4. play games in the evening

Demo Phase

The Track By Track videos were used to promote the crowdfunding campaign back in March 2020. Joey, David and Merel walk you through the demo material of ‘Bulletproof’.

Some songs changed quite drastic in sound like ‘the Ones Below’, which was called ‘the Ones Beneath’ back then. David always used the wrong song title, so we decided to change it to ‘the Ones Below’ just for the sake of it. 

After completing the crowdfunding campaign we were able to start the official production of the album as you know it by now.
These videos are hidden for the public. So enjoy some extra exclusive content!