Road To Bulletproof 04 | DEAR MOTHER

Tabasco's Palace

Oh hey there! Sorry.. you’ve probably been here waiting.. for ages! 

Welcome to Tabasco Palace! THE Palace where Tabasco lives, where she creates all her magical content and practices her acting. Oh and David lives here as well. 

David is going to show you around in his studio and all the creative things that are happening in the Palace.

And did you know that the tour-manager, merch girl, mascot and producer also live in Tabasco Palace? You didn’t?
Well… watch the video and David will show you!

But wait! there is waaaay more ‘behind the scenes’ content that David created for the releases of ’12 Years In Exile’, ‘Symbiose’, ‘Satellite’, ‘Invincible’ and ‘A Soul For Hire’. That’s right we did share the exclusive behind the scenes videos via the newsletter. But here they are one more time: