The Old Castle

Welcome at the Old Castle! 

Let’s talk a bit about the origins of the band name ‘DEAR MOTHER’, which we had a hard time coming up with. 

But wait, wait…. Let’s go back a bit further; let’s tell you the story of how Merel & Joey met. 

A shitty rehearsal studio, a failed audition, and a call from Merel to Joey later.. A very happy musical duo (or better to say; a brother and sister through music) was born.

Let’s talk a bit more about Purest of Pain….

Some things lead to other things. 

Merel and Frank (more about him tomorrow) both grew up playing and managing the melodic death metal band Purest of Pain when they were 16/17 years old. Merel grew up listening to lots of Scandinavian metal, mostly Swedish, and has grown a big love for the melodic death metal genre. 
Playing countless of shows in the Netherlands with Purest of Pain, having the best youth a teenager could dream of, they decided to call it a day after ten years. 

The album ‘Solipsis’ was recorded and released the same way as ‘Bulletproof’. Drums and mix at Mantis Audio, guitars, bass and vocals at home and the release supported via a crowdfunding campaign. 

The actual reason why Purest of Pain discontinued was because the full potential was reached and the change of musical preferences (a lot can happen in ten years). Melodic Death Metal was music Merel grew up with as a teenager, but being stuck at one specific genre was limiting the creativity.  The hunger for more modern, adventurous and melodic music kept growing. 

Joey and Merel have a lot of similar interests when it comes to modern music and with the great musical connection they have, they knew that their story wasn’t over yet. This is just the beginning. 

(There is a sound/vibe resemblances between Purest of Pain and DEAR MOTHER. Hear it for yourself!)

Do you still have your GOLDEN Ticket? 

Yes? Awesome!
No? Check your e-mail it should be there and titled: ‘Here is your Golden Ticket!’

There is a code written on the ticket that you can use to unlock and get access to download the bonus track ‘Wildfire’. 

‘Wildfire’ is the 13th song, but it didn’t make the album.
Why? Well… because we thought it was not as strong as the other 12 songs. And we said to ourselves: we’re not going to release songs we’re not 100% proud of. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: We know that you wouldn’t do this… but just to have mentioned it.

Please keep this song to yourself and don’t upload it on the internet/youtube et cetera. There is a reason why we didn’t release this song on the album or publicly and would like to keep it this way. 

Thanks for your respect!!!