Road To Bulletproof #06 | DEAR MOTHER

The Market Place

Welcome at the Illustrious Marketplace, the mystical, mysterious realm where all the DEAR MOTHER merchandise is stored, but also where it gets packed and shipped to the designated location. All in control and set in motion by one selfless, amazing and incredibly organised being; Frank.

Merel & Joey are here to introduce you properly to one of the driving forces of the band. We’re having an interview with Frank and he’s going to show you where he keeps all the stuff. 

How did Frank get involved with Dear Mother? What’s his role exactly? And what are his favourite Dear Mother moments?  

If you had any questions regarding your order, you’ve been in touch with this guy! If you wear a DEAR MOTHER t-shirt, beanie or having a wallpaper as your background? He has most likely designed it. 

Also since we mentioned a wallpaper? Do you already have one for your phone or desktop? No?!! 
Well… we actually have lots of free stuff (freebies) available, like the wallpaper. So why not download one for your phone, tablet or laptop?