Road To Bulletproof 07 | DEAR MOTHER


We can’t believe it.. The last day of the road-trip! It kinda feels like the last day of summer-camp. So to properly celebrate the release of BULLETPROOF and the end of the ‘Road to Bulletproof’, let’s hit the pub! 

Wait, ..  what? It’s closed?! NOOO!

Well.. let’s do it like we’ve been doing it the past year; online pub!

Here are some funny bits and pieces from our past hangouts; What did Joey do to a fan? What’s the most nerdy thing about Merel? And what tree is David because he is ‘chilling’? 

Find out now! 

Even though this is the last day of the road trip we want to give you the opportunity to get something very very special before anyone else… 
That has to wait till tomorrow… 

Keep an eye out on your mailbox and you will find out the following morning! 

We almost forgot to tell you about Davids musical journey before he joined DEAR MOTHER… 

Well did you know that David used to be a guitar player? He studied guitar in London, but realised that singing resonates more with him. He played in Savage Messiah as a session guitarist where he also did backing vocals. His first band where he only did vocals was called ‘Deadly Circus Fire’.

Listen to Deadly Circus Fire: