the ones below | DEAR MOTHER

Hey, David here! 

Thank you so much for joining the DEAR MOTHER Family!
Whilst you’re checking out our content, I thought it would be good to introduces ourselves a bit more to you!

We’re a two-piece alternative metal band based in the Netherlands and don’t you worry… Live we play with a full band!

We started this band officially in summer 2019 just before the pandemic hit. We wrote 14 songs of which 12 ended up on our first studio album ‘Bulletproof’. 

Halfway through the crowdfunding of our first studio album Bulletproof, the pandemic hit hard and things didn’t look so good for us… but then!! (watch the video)

The album was mainly recorded at home and released during the Pandemic of which was a true struggle, but we survived. Hence the title of the album. 

‘The Ones Below’ music video captures the story of Bulletproof.